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What is Traderwave TV about?

Streaming Service Of Trading Educational Videos

Traderwave TV is a streaming service that offers a wide variety of trading educational videos as taught by global trading mentors.

It is a program that you can easily watch, learn and apply across any internet-connected devices.

Get access to 150+ hours of curated online interviews, presentations, and demonstrations.

Build a strong foundation in your trading knowledge, with more new videos being added every month.

Learn As Much As You Can, As Often As You Want

You can watch as much as you want and whenever you want.

There's always something new to discover, and new training videos are added frequently!

Becoming a long-term profitable trader isn’t an accident. It’s not simply due to chance or good luck or a perfect traditional education.

There is science behind becoming a proficient trader. And there’s an art to it too that can be unraveled, taught, and mastered.

And that’s exactly what Traderwave TV aims to achieve.

Collective Wisdom From Global Trading Experts

Over the years, we've accumulated the teachings of some of the most influential and profitable traders in the world.

We’ve compiled that knowledge that they’ve selflessly shared into a single streaming service that you can watch, internalize and apply from the comfort of wherever you are.

Besides presentation/interviews with established trading mentors, the accessibility to the videos of group coaching webinars and 1-on-1 mentorship sessions with budding traders is also a unique proposition that Traderwave TV has to offer.

After all, you might be facing the same issue right now as these budding traders and the advice provided these sessions could immediately set you on the right path and foundation again.

Subscribe to Traderwave TV and learn from some of the most brilliant trading minds on the planet.

Which Trading Mentors Have We Curated So Far?

Below are just a few of the highly respectable and recognized trading mentors and personalities that we have featured in Traderwave TV:

The Inspiration Behind Traderwave TV

Over the past few years, we’ve invited more than 70 trading mentors from around the world to share their trading wisdom.

These sessions were some of the most enlightening conversations that we've had.

When we meet a trader we admire, there are a few things we'll always ask them to share with us and our members:

  1. What is their story of overcoming obstacles and mistakes to become the trader they are today
  2. What is the workflow and strategy they use to achieve the kind of profitability they generate?

It’s the answers to these two questions that define who they are as a trading expert.

And it’s these answers that show me their innermost values and beliefs about trading the financial markets.

Now that we’ve accumulated more than 80 original videos of the trading wisdom of these inspiring trading mentors and are still curating new ones from other established traders, we believe that now is the time to share them with you through Traderwave TV.

Going foward, our goal is to make Traderwave TV the education starting point for the millions of new budding global traders out there.

Meet Your Host, Philip Teo

Philip is the founder and CEO of Traderwave, a Singapore-based trading education, and software company.

He is also a partner trading coach with SGX Academy where he regularly conduct free trading seminars to the public.

Philip is a strong advocate of personal financial literacy and firmly believes that financial freedom is a realistic goal for the regular people out there if they learn and apply the right financial knowledge in their life.

Through the many seminars He has conducted in the past to tens of thousands of independent retail traders with more to come in the years ahead, he aims to educate as many people as he can, the trading methodologies and best practices to become proficient and profitable traders in their own rights.

Sneak Peek Into What You Get With Traderwave TV

Over the past year or so, we’ve accumulated more than 120+ long-form videos (each video between 45-90 minutes long) of interviews, presentations, and demonstrations that cover most aspects of trading the financial markets.

Going forward, we plan to add more than 100 of such videos into the Traderwave TV library every year.

Below are the initiatives from which past and future videos will be created from.

Virtual Trading Summits

We plan to conduct 2 virtual trading summits every year with a total of more than 50 different speakers and presenters sharing their trading knowledge across different trading-related topics.

Instead of individually purchasing a lifetime all-access pass to each of these summits, you can simply subscribe to Traderwave TV to watch all of these summit videos from within a single membership portal!


Group Coaching Webinar Recordings

We conduct group coaching webinars regularly throughout the year.

Traderwave TV subscribers can hop on and ask Philip any burning questions on trading and get them answered immediately!

Each coaching session will be recorded and be made available to watch at ANY time in your member's area.

We have plans to invite other trading mentors to join us on ad-hoc live group coaching webinars so that you can get your questions on other trading styles, strategies and workflow answered!

Global Markets Outlook Analysis

Every month, Philip will record a market analysis video to help you have an understanding of how the overall broad markets across the different markets are performing.

If you trade in any of those markets covered, this analysis will provide you a holistic perspective on how that broad market is behaving.

The insights will also help you decide whether you should focus more towards looking for stocks to short or focus on looking for stocks to long.


1-on-1 Trading Mentorship


On and off, we will select a lucky Traderwave TV subscriber for a free 1-on-1 mentorship session with Philip where he will provide advice and suggestions on how the mentee can improve his/her trading competency.

This mentoring session will be recorded and be made available to watch at ANY time in your member's area.

Even if you are not the one receiving this 1-on-1 mentoring, you can still learn from it as the mentee's situation could be similar to yours as well.

We have plans to invite other trading mentors to conduct this 1-on-1 coaching with our subscribers as well so that other specialized trading questions can be addressed too!

Trading Conversations


Through the Trading Conversations show, Philip aims to interview and record down his conversations with prominent global trading mentors and experts who have dug through the trenches and emerged at the other end.

From the sharing of their trading stories, strategies, workflow, and best practices, we hope to help you shorten your learning curve as you embark on your journey towards trading mastery.

Why make big mistakes yourself and blow up your trading account when you can simply learn from the mistakes of these veterans? 


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