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About Trading Mentors

In the world of trading, it is vital that you learn from the pioneers who are already playing at the top level of this competitive arena. How can you become a profitable independent trader regardless of your knowledge and experience level? This book is definitely a positive first step that you can take to embark on your journey towards trading proficiency on a strong foundation.

After working hard and accumulating some savings, you contemplate whether to allow your bank deposits to be devalued by inflation, or find a way to trade your way to financial freedom. If you decide to take control of your financial destiny, the 10 trading mentors profiled in this book will help shorten your learning curve to profitability by guiding you through their own trading styles and revealing their strategies to you.

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“Trading Mentors” is one of the few books on the market that introduces you to the experiences of 10 successful independent traders who have dug through the trenches and emerged at the other end. Each of them will expose their unique trading methodologies and best practices to you in the book, so that you can implement what fits you the best and grow into the ultimate trader you can possibly become. Say yes to a new challenge and upgrade your trading game today!

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"In Trading Mentors, Philip Teo, a long-time associate, interviews a number of highly successful traders -- not searching for the magic bullet, but for insight, wisdom and practical guidance. The result is a book that challenges novice traders to seek out the really important components of a trading program -- developing a thoughtful process, understanding risk, and recognizing the emotional hurdles that can negatively impact performance."

CEO of Factor Trading, Author of Diary of a Professional Commodity Trader

"Trading Mentors is full of practical advice. For me, trading success is a product of three key elements: a method that has a positive expectancy, an optimal risk management process, and a winning mental mind-set. The book covers methods that range from the discretionary, to the systematic, to the algorithmic trading approach. There was also a wealth of information on how to manage your trading risks and acquire a winning mind-set. In summary, this is the book that deserves a place on your bookshelf. Thanks, Philip, for making it available"

Founder of BarroMetrics Trading School, Ex-Hedge Fund Manager, Author of The Nature of Trends and The Ray Wave

"Trading the stock market is a difficult challenge and a career that offers no guarantees. But when we deepen our understanding of how the market works and take our experiences as lessons to learn from, this industry can reap great rewards. Trading Mentors is a book that can significantly increase your odds of success in the market by viewing it from different perspectives and using it as a guide to developing your own approach. It's an in-depth collection of interviews that fully summarizes common mistakes others successful traders have made so that you can avoid them and the process behind their most successful executions. As Philip mentions, preparation is necessary before entering into any trade and this is as valuable a source as any to navigate you through your journey."

Founder and Chairman of COL Financial Group

"Trading Mentors by Philip is now one of the books I would recommend to anyone who wants to learn trading. The best way to learn trading is from someone who's done it, so read this book and learn from the mentors who have spent years perfecting their trade. The light-hearted conversational style of the book will keep the pages turning. A delightful read!"

Founder and CEO of Zerodha, Trader, Venture Capitalist

"I found Trading Mentors to be an excellent read and exceptionally helpful for the novice or struggling traders. The author, Philip Teo, is a top-notch trader and market analyst in his own right. But he goes a few steps further with this book by featuring trading strategies and words of wisdom from several seasoned trading instructors. The advice and strategies given are sound. But best of all, the book provides specific and actionable ideas that may be put to use immediately by beginning traders. In addition, Trading Mentors appropriately stresses risk management, which is the most important aspect of prudent and successful trading. Overall, I highly recommend this book."

CMT, CFTe, Director of Trading & Investing at Investopedia, Former Head of Research at (GAIN Capital)

"I have benefited greatly from reading books on successful investors and traders, especially the Market Wizards series by Jack Schwager that created a monumental shift in my life. Trading Mentors by Philip Teo was another engrossing read in a similar genre, which captured the journey of a number of successful traders. What was special about this book is that Philip has profiled numerous Asian traders. This is a welcome trend as Asian economies, markets and traders are expected to take center stage within the global financial markets in the years ahead."

Founder and CEO of Marathon Trends Advisory

"I am delighted to share my review of Trading Mentors, written by my friend Philip. This book is a solid attempt to help retail traders learn from the journey of other fellow independent traders who successfully made a fortune for themselves. Readers are offered practical scenarios that they will most likely face in the pursuit of their financial freedom through trading. Life is too short to learn from our own mistakes, so why not learn from these trading mentors who have booked their fair share of failures and successes in the past."

Founder and CEO of Tradejini

"Mentorship is the secret sauce to rapid success! Well done to Philip for assembling a stellar line-up of mentors to share their secrets. Trading Mentors will add massive value to the entire global trading community!"

Founder and CEO of Fullerton Markets, Author of Secret Conversations with Trading Tycoons

"Trading Mentors is one of those high-value books that gathers years of experience from some of the most notable traders in the world. If you are looking for "mentors" look no further. This book will enlighten you with different strategies and mentalities that will enable you to succeed in the world of trading."

CEO and Co-Founder of Investagrams

"Brilliant! I got to be honest with you, the moment I had the opportunity to read Trading Mentors, I got addicted to reading the next page. I had so many "AHA" moments. You can find good principles, trading ideas, money management, and trading wisdom all in one book. Philip interviewed a wide range of traders with excellent track records of profitability and honest trading strategies. Some of the ideas here are worth a fortune if you implement the strategies and take the necessary actions. Whether you are a newbie, advanced or pro trader, this book is a must-read."

MSTA, CFTe, Founder of Borneo Stock Trader, Certified Trainer at F1 Academy

"Trading Mentors is a book written by Phillip Teo, based on interviews with well- known trading mentors from around the globe, where these mentors shared their valuable, successful and proven trading strategies. Whether you are looking for a systematic or a discretionary approach to trading, you will be able to get insights from these mentorsā€™ experiences. The book may contain a few hundred pages, but the interview format makes it a light and interesting read."

CMT, CFTe, Ex-Forex Trader for Numerous Global Banks, Author of Handbook on Forex Trading

Trading Mentors Book Bonuses

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Get monthly trading insights from Philip and world class Trading Mentors about the market and various trading topics in a closed community.

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Traderwave Charting Software is an intuitive web-based technical analysis software that helps traders analyze, discover, monitor and be alerted to great trading ideas easily.

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Bonus 3: Special Bonus Pack by Louise Bedford ($97 value)

Louise Bedford’s articles in the world renowned Your Trading Edge magazine are legendary. You’ll see her most demanded 35 articles, as well as get her ‘Trading Made Simple’ e-course and trading plan template.

Bonus 4: The Ultimate Guide to Trend Following by Rayner Teo ($50 value)

Learn a New Trading Strategy That Lets You Profit in Bull And Bear Markets + Much More.
This amazing guide will teach you all about trend following, and how it can improve your trading over the next 7 days.

Bonus 5: Profitable Trading Made Possible by Andrea Unger ($50 value)

Learn the concept inside Profitable Trading Made Possible, apply it to your trading and learn how you can double, triple, or quadruple your trading profits...

FREE Book Bonuses worth over $300 When You Order "Trading Mentors" on Amazon Now!

About the Author

PHILIP TEO is the founder of Traderwave, a Singapore-based trading education and software company. He is also a partner trading coach with SGX Academy where he regularly conducts free trading seminars to the public.

Philip is a strong advocate of personal financial literacy and firmly believes that financial freedom is a realistic goal for the regular people out there if they learn and apply the right financial knowledge in their life.

Through the many seminars he has conducted in the past to tens of thousands of retail traders with more to come in the years ahead, Philip aims to educate as many people as he can, the trading methodologies and best practices to become proficient and profitable traders in their own rights.

FREE Book Bonuses worth over $300 When You Order "Trading Mentors" on Amazon Now!


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