"This course will lay a solid foundation in a new trader's journey"

The Price Action Trading Blueprint (PATB) program is scientifically structured to provide the learners with trading knowledge from basic to advanced levels.

In module 1, I learned everything about what it takes to build a profitable trading system. And in the final module, everything learned previously will be put together to create a complete trading workflow.

Next, I highly appreciate the assessment that comes after each module because the assessment is very effective in ensuring that the learner fully understands and observes the contents of the prior module before proceeding to subsequent lessons.

What I really like the most about the course is that it emphasizes the trading workflow and trading review process. These elements are very important because you cannot improve and make necessary refinements until you put all of these into practice.

Finally, I really like the support provided by the course instructor as the learners are allowed to ask questions in the comments section below each module video.

You can also post questions in the support forum specifically designed for the e-course participants.

This PATB course is worth taking and I have a strong belief that this course will lay a solid foundation in a new trader's journey towards becoming a proficient and profitable trader.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam