"Really made an impact in my trading system"

I participated in the seven days Online Trading Summit from September 10th to 16th and I really like the speakers Rayner Teo, Louise Bedford, Jet Mojica and Philip Teo.

What I learned from Philip was how to think about risk reward ratio as that really made an impact in my trading system right now.

I also really enjoy Rayner’s trend following methodology, as such I started to follow and read his blog, videos and Youtube. That really helped my analysis in terms of the charts.

For Louise, I really learned a lot about the power of candlesticks and patterns and I’m also applying them in my trading system, which I didn’t before.

And last but not least is one of my hometown countrymen, Jet Mojica, who helped me identify the outlier stocks to watch out. That is a new way of looking at data visualization in terms of looking at stocks in another way graphically.

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