"Insights, lessons, and a look at the real-life experiences of some of the best traders out there"

Being relatively new to the world of stock market trading/investing (just started earlier this year, and during the onset of this pandemic, haha). I would say I learned things the hard way in the past few months - almost blew up my account, was buying/selling stocks on impulse, and many other trading mistakes a newbie trader would make.

Though over time, I sort of figured out the process on my own through research and studying and was able to somewhat recover from that slump. But, I felt there was still something missing - something that would aid me further in my continuous pursuit of knowledge about the financial market.

And I happen to stumble upon a post in a local trading/investing social platform about the Online Trading Summit 2020. Having attended almost all of the sessions by the wonderful and notable speakers, I can say that I have been enlightened by the topics, techniques, strategies, and most of all, the trading journeys the speakers have had and shared during this summit.
Notable key topics that stuck to me were about Trading Psychology, Journaling, and Process Workflow - an aspect of trading that, as most of the speakers have said, and I for one can attest to (haha), tend to be overlooked. To add, the presentations about Systematic/Algorithmic Trading also gave me an eye-opener - and sort of inspired me to learn about coding.

Overall, the summit had great speakers and the topics and lessons shared were very insightful and would help newbie traders/investors like me to become better in their craft/career and provide some aid in navigating the financial markets.

With that, for those who are just starting into trading/investing in the financial markets, or even those who already have experienced, attending the summits organized by Philip will surely provide you with insights, lessons, and a look at the real-life experiences of some of the best traders out there. You should not miss out on this opportunity.


Gil Christian Arante
Stock Market Trader
Davao City, Philippines