"It's not just another typical sharing session"

I've been reading books and taking online courses on stock trading but I've realized I've yet to learn a lot more when I got to watch the talks of the different speakers in the 2020 online trading summit.

The program was very comprehensive, impactful, and elaborate, which was eye-opened, especially for newbies like me. It's not just another typical sharing session, instead, it's a must for every trader who wants to thrive and be professional in the field. From the summit, I was able to get a good grasp of proper trading systems, fundamentals, technicals, as well as trading psychology.

Every talk was value-adding but what struck me the most was that of Celeste Rodriguez in which she has mentioned that the way you approach trading is actually how you particularly deal with problems in real life. So it's essential to know yourself well first so that you can come up with the best profitable system that is best suited for you.


Claire Oranda