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——— Upcoming ———

Date: 1st March 2018

Time: 830pm SGT

Duration: 45 min + Live Q&A

Maximise Your Trading Returns In Lesser Time With Breakout Strategy

During this webinar, I will be showing you how you can use breakout trading strategy to maximize your returns in lesser time.

In this webinar, I’ll share with you

  1. 3 main reasons why you need to learn the breakout trading strategy
  2. 4 entry points you can consider when trading a breakout move
  3. 6 criteria to watch out for before you initiate a break out trade

Seats are limited for the live webinar. Click on the button to sign up now!

——— On-Demand ———

How To Become A Proficient Trader With Technical Analysis & Trading Best Practices

During this webinar, I will be showing you how you can become a more proficient trader by applying technical analysis with trading best practices

In this webinar, I’ll share with you

  1. 3 typical issues that cause most traders to miss opportunities or to get into bad trades
  2. Case studies to illustrate why it is vital to apply technical analysis together with trading best practices for a good trading outcome
  3. Practical ways to help you turn trading best practices into good trading habits so that you can build a profitable and sustainable trading business over the long run

Risk Management: The Holy Grail To Long Term Profitable Trading

During this webinar, I will be imparting you one of the most important but often neglected component of trading: “How to manage your trading risks to build a long term sustainable trading business”

In this webinar, I’ll share with you

  1. 4 typical risk management mistakes that most traders make.
  2. How to better manage your trading risk by sizing your trades correctly.
  3. Live demonstration to show you how I plan for trades with proper risk management parameters.

Find The Best Trading Entry and Exit With Price Action Strategy


In this webinar, we will be showing you how to use simple price action trading strategies to determine when to enter a trade, where to place a stop-loss and how to take a profit.

Topics covered

  1. 2 of my favorite trading entry setups.
  2. 3 different strategies to determine stop-loss and profit-taking levels.
  3. Live demonstration on how to apply the above strategies in reality.

Using Horizontal Support Resistance to Time Your Trade With Precision


In this webinar, we will be showing you how you can use horizontal supports and resistances to time your entries and exits.

Topics covered

  1. 7 most important factors you need to know when drawing horizontal lines.
  2. Powerful support and resistance phenomenon that you can use to your advantage.
  3. How I personally use horizontal supports and resistances to identify high probability trading ideas.

How To Supercharge Your Trading Profits Using Trend Lines


In this webinar, I will be sharing with you what I’ve learned about price trend analysis and the most reliable and efficient way to draw trend lines which I’ve identified from those years of working as the Chief Technical Analyst at OCBC Investment Research.

Topics covered

  1. Revealing the 7-step workflow that I use to draw and adjust trend lines on any stock chart.
  2. Sharing with you the 3 typical mistakes that traders make when drawing trend lines.
  3. Performing a live demonstration to show you how you can analyze the price trend of 15 stocks in just 15 minutes.

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