Online Trading Summit – Learn Trading from 30+ Top Traders

Would you like to learn the ultimate trading knowledge from more than 30 trading experts like Dr Van Tharp, Jerry Parker and Andrea Unger?

How about learning directly from them from the comfort of your home?

You’re about to discover the insights of how to become a proficient and profitable trader without spending years trying to figure it out yourself.

Join us from the 10th to 16th of September 2018 for the inaugural Online Trading Summit, possibly Asia’s first virtual trading conference.

In this upcoming summit, we will be interviewing many international and regional trading experts like

Dr Van Tharp, a world renown peak performance trading coach,

Jerry Parker, one of the original turtle traders trained by the legendary Richard Dennis and

Andrea Unger, the only 4-time winner of the World Cup Trading Championship.

Other notable regional speakers include

Adam Khoo from Singapore,

Nooresh Merani from India and

Louise Bedford from Australia.

During this summit, you’ll discover the critical trading knowledge that every trader needs to know, such as:
1) What It Takes To Grow From A Proficient Trader To A Top Trader.
2) Crafting The Right Risk and Money Management Rules Based On Your Trading Strategy.
3) 7 Reasons Why You’re Not Profitable in Trading.
4) What It Takes To Trade For A Living As A Full-Time Independent Trader.

So if you are serious about bringing your trading competency to the next higher level, sign up right now and join thousands of other traders at this not-to-be-missed online trading event.

Online Trading Summit Details

Date: 10th to 16th of September 2018

Time: 7:30pm to 11:30pm

Venue: Online

Summit Fee: FREE

Limited time Free Access Pass!

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We hope to see you at the summit and do share this event with your trading friends!