The 6 Key Pillars To Profitable Price Action Trading


In this free 2 hours masterclass training, you'll discover the answers every trader needs to know, including:

  • How Your Beliefs Shape Your Trading Decisions
  • The 3 Important Price Action Technical Analysis Techniques
  • How Should You Size Your Trade To Manage your risk
  • Step-by-Step Trading Workflow To Analyse, Execute And Review Your Trades With Confidence.
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Philip Teo

PHILIP TEO is the founder of Traderwave, a Singapore-based trading education and software company. He is also a partner trading coach with SGX Academy where he regularly conducts free trading seminars to the public.

Philip is a strong advocate of personal financial literacy and firmly believes that financial freedom is a realistic goal for the regular people out there if they learn and apply the right financial knowledge in their life.

Through the many seminars he has conducted in the past to tens of thousands of retail traders with more to come in the years ahead, Philip aims to educate as many people as he can, the trading methodologies and best practices to become proficient and profitable traders in their own rights.

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