(Last Updated On: March 17, 2020)

I would really suggest that you do not try to keep jumping system. Okay, that means you don’t try to drastically change the way that you trade, unless you have done 100 trades and you realize that this is losing a lot of money and typically when you are losing a lot money is really not because of the system itself. Is not because of the strategy, is more because of your discipline, your ability to be disciplined most of the time, that is the main reason.

Alright, so continue to just evolve your system along the way. And continue to do it, write down your journal, do your spreadsheet and then what I mentioned earlier on, look back at all those trades that you have done. Okay, were some of the things that you are afraid of, that causes you to make some decisions, were they actually the right way? Because sometimes your emotions might be the right decisions, but if over a specific number of trades, it proved that your emotion is not the right one. That means you shouldn’t be betting on your gut instinct.

Yeah. Most of the times when I’m in the right bias, the instincts, it is there, it will be against when it is given because that time, the instinct doesn’t matter.

Yeah, so you have realized right, your instinct most of the time is against you.

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