(Last Updated On: February 24, 2020)

– You are still paper trading the scalping system that you’re using right now and you have done about 30 trades so far, right?

– Yeah.

– And the reward to the risk is still generally one is to one, am I right to say that? And your win rate or your winning ratio is what 70, 80%? What is the percentage?

– Yeah 70%.

– 70-80%, which means that you have a system that is profitable or ready right now based on this system that you’re using, based on the 30 trades that you have done. Of course, 30 trades in trading scalping trades is considered very few, because you probably will have to look at about at least about a hundred scalping trades before you know if this system is stable enough for you because it is very short-term. If you’re talking about swing trading, maybe you don’t need a hundred trades, but for scalping I think you would definitely need to look at close to a hundred trades before you see whether that makes sense to you or not.

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