(Last Updated On: January 14, 2020)

– Of a timeframe wiser, I’m sharing you more from a principal angle. Alright. So from a principal angle, the principal applies whether you are a position trader, swing trader or even intraday trader. Right? So you mentioned earlier on that. Okay, firstly, I want to address that point again. The timeframe that you use shouldn’t determine whether you should take a pretty much a stop loss or not. Okay.
So I hope you agree on that.

– Yeah, Yeah.

– Pretty much a stop loss shouldn’t happen regardless what kind of timeframe you use. You have a stop loss, predetermined stop loss, follow the predetermined stop loss. That’s it. Full stop. No other question. Know that’s about that.

– So, therefore, the use of the right timeframe or the ideal timeframe should not affect your stop loss.
And that’s the purpose of heavy identifying the ideal time frame. So if you do understand from a principal perspective, right? The lower the timeframe you go, The more details you will see, right?

– Yeah.

– You’ll see more of the details of the minor support resistance level, or you could even see certain trend line. On an intraday basis if you go down to a smaller timeframe. So just I want to ask you the question about, typically when you get into a trade, how many, how many minutes or hours does it take you before you usually hit your stop loss or your profit? Again, you mentioned a few minutes, right?

– Yeah.

– So which means that typically your trade lasts only a few minutes. Which means that, obviously if you’re using hourly chat is out of point. There’s no point using an hourly chat. That’s why I said three. One minute, three minutes

– Yes. Based on the length of time you typically hold our trade,

– Yeah. The timeframe you should be looking at should not be anything more than one minute.
It should be one minute or even lower.

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