(Last Updated On: January 14, 2020)

Usually my suggestion is that instead of, especially if you’re a very short term intraday trader, instead of looking at multiple instruments.
I really suggest you to focus on the most liquid instrument.

Okay? And then you built your skills and competency around that instruments under that, understand that instrument really well. Don’t get distracted by using the system on some other instruments, at least at this point in time while you’re still trying to find your edge. Okay? Just focus on that system and focus on their system. Focus on that instrument…and then try to generate the paper trades along the way. Find ways that you can improve your system. That means you don’t totally change the system.

Maybe you can just look at adjusting the stop-loss strategy or the profit making strategies. Let your system evolve.
Okay? Don’t keep jumping from system to system to system to system because it will never end and you will just keep on getting stuck. So evolve is as long as your best practices you are adhering to, as long as your workflow, you have a proper workflow. Most of the time it is really about just optimizing the system rather than changing the system. Of course, assuming that the system, in principle in the first place is supposed to have an edge.

Okay? So that is a reason also. So maybe by trying to what we feel, accountability partner, the friend that you were talking about earlier on, if he is already very consistent with the way he treats his strategy, the way he applies them
…maybe you might want to consider if he’s okay with sharing a view. Take a look at his system, see if his system makes sense to you, and then just follow it.

And then, and then over time you might want to change a little bit things here and there according to your own belief, your own understanding, and your own journaling down and your own spreadsheet. You evolve it along the way.

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