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How to Exorcise Your Trading Demons

There are demons in every trader. 

The difference between good traders and bad traders is that good traders are able to control their demons better than others. 

In this article, the author shared about the seven kinds demons that often possessed traders, resulting in them entering trades that they should not have, exiting trades when it is not the right time yet and risking more money than he should. 

Are you facing such problems in your trading? 

If you are, please take some time to absorb the learning in this article. Knowing who your demons are is half the job done to becoming a proficient trader.




What Is The Best Moving Average And The Best Indicator Setting For Your Trading?

Moving average is a technical overlay that many traders use to help them make their trading decisions. 

However, many traders do not realise that what are the considerations they need to have when determining the parameters of the moving averages to use. 

There are different reasons to consider when choosing a fast moving average vs a slow moving average. 

In this article, the author share with us the difference between the moving average parameters and what you should be mindful about when using moving average as your trading tool.




A struggling trader asks: How do I find my trading style?

One of the biggest problem that a new and inexperienced trader usually face is that he is unsure what is the ideal trading style for him. 

The reality is that everyone has different personality. 

So one trading style that works great for a trader might be the worst for another. 

In this great article, the author shared about the traders he has worked with before and how they managed to identify the trading style that is the most ideal for them

If you are still having problem deciding what kind of trading style to mold into for yourself, maybe this article might provide you the insights needed.



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