If you’re a longer term position trader then this is the trading horizon you’re looking in. When you get into a position, you want to be able to hold your position as long as this long-term uptrend support remains intact. So as you can see over here, this is probably about almost more than six months, okay? More than six months trendline. So anything more than six months, it’s already beyond swing trading, alright?

So if you’re a position trader, this is the main trend that you’re watching out for and you want to make sure that you want to be in this line if you’re a longer term position trader. But of course if you are swing trader, then this is not the main line you’re looking for. This is the major trend you want to be in, but if you are a longer term swing trader for example, you probably will be looking at these swings from here, which means that… okay? It’s a swing that is about two months in total. So there’s a longer term swing trading, alright? If you… Of course, if you’re a shorter term swing trading where you’re holding horizon for profitable trade, it’s about one to two weeks for example, then you are actually looking at swings like these kinds of swings over here.

Okay? Can you see those swings over here? That is the reason why I mentioned earlier on that, if you are shorter term swing trader/traditional trader, daily chart will not be good enough for you because you can’t see the details of this particular move, which is basically your short term swing trading horizon. You need to move in into hourly chart or maybe even minute chart to be able to see how the up and down movement is being defined in a more clearer structure, okay? That is also where you can find other key horizontal support resistance level on a lower timeframe, alright? So for short term swing trader, these are the kind of swing you’re looking at about a one to two weeks kind of swing. You need to go into hourly chat or even minute chat to be able to see that.

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