So, I generally prefer looking or trading from a longer term swing trading perspective. And one of the main reason is because that I’m running a business at the same time, so it really takes up a lot of my time and effort in terms of running a trader with. And as such, longer-term swing trading strategy is something that I generally prefer because it doesn’t require so much of my time, alright. So, for those of you who are very busy with your day job or with your business, so this might be a kind of trading strategy that you might want to consider, rather than looking at intraday trading or very short-term swing treading, alright.

So I will explain a little bit more what do I mean by that. So because of my preference in using longer term swing trading strategy, generally I do not see myself having to go to a lower timeframe other than the daily candlestick chart, okay. So this is my preferred timeframe that I use daily candlestick chart. And of course my holding horizon, trading horizon generally lasts between one to six months. Okay, that kind of angle, that is the kind of category that I classify under a longer term swing trading.

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Philip Teo

Founder & CEO at Traderwave Pte Ltd
Philip Teo is an entrepreneur, speaker and trading coach who specialises in the field of Technical Analysis of the financial markets. He is currently the Founder and CEO of Traderwave Pte Ltd, a financial technology company that offers a web charting application to global traders. He has conducted many trading seminars and appeared on national television before. He is also currently an official speaker and trainer with SGX Academy. Learn more about him at his Google+ Profile, LinkedIn Profile and Facebook Profile

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