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The Most Powerful Candlestick Patterns – A Detailed Explanation

Candlestick analysis has been a key technical analysis methodology for many traders for hundreds of years. 

However, it could be overwhelming for the new traders as there are really many types of candlestick formation and patterns to remember and learn. 

Fortunately, Rayner Teo, the author of this article has kindly prepared a very detailed explanation of the different types of candlestick patterns (together with video explanation for each of the patterns) and presented in a very easy to understand manner. 

If you are new to candlestick patterns or has problems understanding the rationale behind why candlesticks are very useful, head in to digest whatever Rayner has prepared for you.




Journey of a printer salesman to a successful trader and investor 

A proficient and profitable trader is first an entrepreneur, then a trader. 

That’s how a successful trading business is run. 

In this interview conducted by MoneyControl with Nishant Arora, a prominent trader / educator, Nishant shared his very inspiring story of how he started off as a computer engineer, became an entrepreneur before taking on the route of becoming a stock investor and stock trader. 

One of the main reason why I believe this is a highly worthy article to share with you is because Nishant placed tons of emphasis on the importance of reading. 

If you are keen to learn how he managed to read his way to becoming a successful trader, head in to read this interview article right now.




Myth: 95% of Traders Fail, Trading is Gambling

Have you heard of this saying that “95% of traders fail in their trading” and feel that you have a very low chance of being a proficient trader even though you are very determined to learn to become one? 

If you feel affected by such statistics and is hesitant to start learning how to trade, you are not alone. 

However, you should not worry too much about such statistics because if you are serious about learning to trade properly, the statistic does not actually apply to you. 

In this article, the author explained why you should not be too affected by such statistics and used many real life examples to explain why. 

So read on and be convinced that your odds of becoming a profitable trader might not be as low as what you were told.



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