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The 10 Worst Mistakes Beginner Traders Make

It has always been my belief that before a trader learns how to make money from trading, he has to first learn how not to make catastrophic mistakes.

These kind of mistakes not only causes a newbie trader to lose a lot of money, the biggest problem is that these mistakes could totally destroy the confidence to learn and become better. 

This is one excellent article that summarises the 10 worst mistakes that beginners make. 

If you can absorb all of the points here and learn to avoid making them in your trading, I assure you that you will be on your way to become a proficient and ultimately, a profitable trader!




How To Use Moving Averages – The Ultimate Moving Averages Trading Tips

Moving average is one of the most common technical overlay used by technical traders or trend followers to guide them in their trading decision. 

However, as the parameters of a moving average can be very vast, new or inexperienced traders might have problems using it with confidence. 

If you are new to trading average, this article is an excellent guide to get you started

You will learn the difference between simple and exponential moving averages, what moving averages parameters to use for swing trading and day trading and more




Think & Trade Like A Champion by Mark Minervini – Book Review

There is this saying that good traders are usually good readers as well. 

I can’t emphasize enough how important reading is to grow yourself as a trader. 

However, the problem that many people faced is also the fact that there are so many trading related books out there that it is nearly impossible for anyone to finish reading all of them. 

You will learn many helpful trading tips by just reading this excellent book review on “Think & Trade Like A Champion” by Mark Minervini

If you find the summary of this book helpful, do go and purchase a copy and devour it, so that you can learn exactly what to do to bring your trading to the next level!



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